PIE RTD Wire Kit

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This product is an accessory for the following products:

PIE 525B Thermocouple & RTD Calibrator
Automated, high accuracy meter calibrates 14 thermocouple and 12 RTD types
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PIE 820-Elite Multifunction Process Calibrator
Designed for those who require the best tools, the PIE 820-Elite performs the work of 8 single function calibrators
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PIE 830 / 830PM Multifunction Process Calibrator
High accuracy diagnostic calibrator with dual display, sources & measures mA , mV, V, ohms, frequency to 20 KHz, 14 TCs & 9 RTDs
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PIE 1050T Temperature Transmitter Calibration Kit
A complete, economical temperature calibration solution for all types of instruments
PIE 510 RTD Simulator
RTD Source Single Curve, 1° with selectable °C or °F
PIE 511 RTD Simulator
RTD Source with 7 types, plus a custom curve
PIE 512 RTD Calibrator
RTD Read & Source with 7 or 8 types Plus ohms and an auto-stepping model