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Watlow DIN-A-MITE Power Controller
Innovative power controller, available in 4 models, can handle loads up to 100 amps
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Watlow ASPYRE Power Controllers
Modular and scalable power controllers with a SCR design to deliver reliable results with minimal maintenance
Watlow Power Series Controllers
Microprocessor-based SCR power controller
Watlow Solid State Relays
Longer heater life, fast cycle card, zero cross firing, back-to-back SCR design
Watlow QPAC Series SCR Power Controller
Modular silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) power controller with plug-in features for flexibility, available in 150 to 1000 ampere ratings
Watlow E-SAFE II Hybrid Power Switch
Provides reliable and accurate power switching up to 35 amps at 70°C (158°F)
Autonics SRH1 Solid State Relay
Single-phase, integrated heatsink type SSR, dielectric strength of 4000 VAC
Carlo Gavazzi GDP Contactors
1, 2 & 3 pole definite purpose contactors ranging from 25 to 90 amps
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Emerson PACSystems Industrial Ethernet Switches
Designed to perform in harsh environments, fast network recovery technology
Carlo Gavazzi RGC Solid State Relays
1, 2, or 3-pole solid state relays with rated operation voltage up to 600VAC
Autonics SR1 Series Single Phase Solid State Relay
Single phase SSR, detachable heatsink type, compact, universal design for flexible installation
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Setra Model CSS / CSC Digital Current Switches
Solid core or clamped/split care design, adjustable switch setpoints
Carlo Gavazzi RS1A Series
Industrial, 1-phase, zero-switching solid state relays with LED indicators
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Autonics SRH2 / SRH3 Three-Phase SSRs
Three phase, high heat dissipation efficiency with ceramic PCB and integrated heatsink
Autonics SRHL1 Series Single-Phase SSR
Single phase, integrated heatsink, left-right terminal, alarm function
Carlo Gavazzi RSE Series Motor Controllers
Compact, easy-to-use, AC semiconductor motor controllers
Carlo Gavazzi RZ3A
3-phase, industrial solid state relays
Carlo Gavazzi RM1C Solid State Relay
Industrial 1-phase peak switching relay, ideal for switching transformers & other highly inductive loads.
Carlo Gavazzi RM1A/B Series
Industrial, 1-phase solid state relays with LED and built-in varistor
Carlo Gavazzi RN1F and RN2F Series
Analog, full cycle switching solid state relays
Carlo Gavazzi RM1E
Industrial, 1-phase analog switching solid state relay
Carlo Gavazzi RD Series Solid State Relay
DC switching relay for fast switching of small DC loads with a high input/output isolation of more than 4000VACrms