Monarch Nova-Strobe Stroboscope
The industry standard for high intensity multi-function portable stroboscopes
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Monarch Pocket Laser Tach 200 Tachometer
Handheld digital tachometer with laser optics
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Monarch DataChart 1250 Paperless Recorder
2-Channel, high speed digital recording system
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Monarch Track-It Temperature Data Logger
Battery powered stand alone compact temperature data logger
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Monarch DataChart 2000 Paperless Recorder
Touchscreen Videographic Paperless Recorders and Data Acquisition
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Monarch Nova-Strobe LED Portable Stroboscopes
The industry standard for portable stroboscopes with an LED light source
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Monarch Pocket Tach 99 Tachometer
Digital and battery-powered non-contact optical tachometer
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Monarch Track-It RHTemp Data Logger
Battery powered stand alone compact relative humidity and temperature data logger
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Monarch ACT-1B Programmable Panel Tachometer
Economical, programmable digital tachometer with display in RPM or RPS
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Monarch DataChart 6000 Paperless Recorder
5.6 inch color Active Matrix TFT LCD display with a rugged touch screen
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Monarch Track-It Voltage & Current Data Loggers
Programmable two-channel battery powered DC voltage and current data logger, 64,000 samples, compact size with multiple alarm set points
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Monarch Palm Strobe X Stroboscope
High intensity, multi-function compact xenon stroboscope
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Monarch Track-It Pressure / Vacuum Data Loggers
Stand alone water tight pressure & temperature or vacuum & temperature data logger
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Monarch ACT-3X Tachometer / Totalizer
NIST calibrated, fully programmable tachometer and totalizer
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Monarch PLS Pocket LED Stroboscope
Energy efficient with long battery life, lightweight and pocket sized
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Monarch Phaser-Strobe PBX Stroboscope
Portable stroboscope with a range of 30 to 50,000 FPM and external phase shifting
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Monarch THP-W Temperature Humidity Probe
Self contained, rugged, Linear DC output enables use with virtually any data acquisition system, PLC or indicator
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Monarch F2A3X Signal Converter
DIN-rail mounted signal converter turns frequency input signal into voltage or current output
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Monarch Track-It AC Event Data Logger
Battery powered, stand-alone, compact data logger that records up to 64,000 on/off cycles
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Monarch Track-It Barometeric Pressure / Temperature Data Logger
Battery powered stand alone compact barmometric pressure / temperature data logger with USB interface
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Monarch TH Temperature / Humidity Probe
Stainless steel TH Probe with built in USB interface, can be used Windows based PC’s or Android devices
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Monarch Track-It  Pressure Data Logger
Battery powered stand alone compact pressure and temperature data logger with display records up to 130,000 measurements
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Monarch VBX Vibration Stroboscope
Compatible with CSI and SKF analyzers, portable, 30‐50,000 FPM flash range, direct triggering from accelerometers
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Monarch Remote Sensors
Remote sensors for Monarch tachometers and stroboscopes
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Monarch Companion Software
Powerful and intuitive Windows based application that allows real time monitoring of data in graphic or tabular format
Monarch Reflective Tape
Reflective tape for remote optical sensors and tachometers
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Monarch DC1250-Navigator Software
Windows compatible software for graphic analysis, printing transfer and exporting
Monarch Exhibitor Software
Powerful Windows based application that simplifies data management via searching, reviewing, printing, or exporting
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Monarch ROLS-W Remote Optical Laser Sensor
Remote optical laser sensor with three tinned leads
Monarch ROLS-P Remote Optical Laser Sensor
Remote optical laser sensor with 1/8" plug connector
Monarch NEMA 4 Cover
NEMA 4 / IP65 Splash Proof Cover for DataChart 1250 for NEMA4X panel mount applications
Monarch Nova-Strobe Spare Bulb
L-1903 spare bulb for Nova-Strobe stroboscope
Monarch PM Remote Software Package
Windows based software application that allows the user to customize the configuration of the ACT tachometer
Monarch SPSR Sensor Interface Module
Self-powered sensor interface module translates the signal of sensors into a TTL pulse
Monarch BNC Cable Assembly
Cable assembly, 6 foot, for TTL input/output, 3.5 mm stereo phone plug to BNC connector
Monarch TTL Input Cable
TTL pulse input cable, 6 feet, 1/8" stereo plug to BNC connector
Monarch LBC-U Li-ion Battery Charger
Li‐ion Battery Charger with interchangeable plugs
Monarch CC-7 Carrying Case
Latching plastic carrying case for Monarch Nova-Strobe series stroboscopes
Monarch NEMA 4X Kit
NEMA 4X Kit for the Monarch Instruments DataChart 1250
Monarch Protective Rubber Cover
For standard and LED Nova-Strobe stroboscopes
Monarch 12 Inch Contact Wheel
12" contact wheel for use with the Monarch remote contact assembly
Monarch CC-12 Deluxe Carry Case
Deluxe water tight, foam lined carry case with o-ring gasket fits all Nova-Strobe stroboscopes
Monarch CC-11 Carrying Case
Latching plastic carrying case for Monarch pocket tachometers
Monarch 5396-9913 USB Cable
USB On-The-Go cable for connecting Track-It data loggers to Android devices
Monarch 5396-9901 USB Cable
3ft USB 2.0 extension cable
Monarch 5396-9904 Battery
Replacement coin cell lithium battery (CR2032)
Monarch Input/Output Cable
Input/Output cable, 6 feet, 1/8" mono phone plug to 1/8" mono phone plug
Monarch 5396-9905 Battery
Replacement long life lithium battery (EF651625)
Monarch 5396-9906 Battery
Replacement Lithium battery 1/2 AA 1.2AH
Monarch SPC-1 Protective Cover
Splashproof protective cover for Nova-Strobe battery-powered stroboscopes
Monarch Sintered Filter Caps
Sintered filter caps for the TH Probe, 30-45 or 60-90 micron filter caps
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Monarch CC-10 Padded Pouch
Protective carry pouch with belt hook for Monarch pocket tachometers
Monarch 6184-910 TH Probe Case
Probe case for the TH Probe
Monarch CC-13 Carrying Case
Plastic latching carry case for PLS stroboscope
Monarch Remote Contact Assembly
Accurate and safe contact readings with all Monarch pocket tachometers
Monarch 6280-026 PSX Battery
Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack