Seametrics, Inc. is a designer, manufacturer, and marketer of a wide variety of flow metering products. Since 1989, Seametrics has served diverse markets including industrial water treatment, energy management, irrigation, utilities, food processing, and chemical handling. read more

Seametrics is located near Seattle, Washington, where it makes most of the mechanical components and electronic assemblies that go into its products.

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Seametrics MJ Series Pulse Water Meter
Contacting head "pulse" water meters with dry-contact or solid state pickups, not for use with potable water
Seametrics iMAG4700 Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Flanged magmeter available in 3 to 12 inch pipe sizes municipal or industrial water, waste & reclaimed water applications
Seametrics MJN Series Pulse Water Meter
Dry top multi-jet design, tolerates low quality water, sensors types: hall-effect device, reed switch, totalizer
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Seametrics WMP Series Plastic-Bodied Magmeter
Corrosion-resistant electromagnetic flow meter for 1, 2 and 3 inch pipes
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Seametrics FT400 Series Flow Monitor
Microcontroller-based indicator uses the pulse output from flow sensors to compute and display flow rate and flow total
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Seametrics EX100 / 200 Series Magmeter
Electromagnetic flow sensor, insertion style for 3 to 48 inch pipe
Seametrics IP800 Series Paddlewheel Flow Meter
Fixed-depth paddlewheel flow meter Replaces ES45-A
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Seametrics SP Series Turbine Flow Meter
Low flow, chemical resistant, in-line turbine flow meter, replaces ES45-BIMPELL
Seametrics FT500 Series Flow Computer
Rate/total flow computers and indicators
Seametrics WJ Series Turbine Flow Meter
Dry-register mechanical turbine flow meter with ductile iron body in sizes from 2 to 8 inches
Seametrics EX800 Series Magmeter
Electromagnetic flow sensor, fixed depth insertion for 1 to 12 inch pipes
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Seametrics PE202 Magmeter
Low flow electromagnetic flow meter, straight pipe not required, 8-pin circular bulkhead connector
Seametrics EX90 Electromagnetic Insertion Flow Sensor
Battery powered meter, with no moving parts, for use with conductive fluids in 4 to 12 inch pipes including corrosive or dirty environments
Seametrics WT Series Turbine Flow Meter
In-line 3 to 8 inch turbine flow meter Replaces ES45-C
Seametrics IP110/210 Series Paddlewheel Flow Sensor
Adjustable depth paddlewheel flow sensor
Seametrics AO55 Blind Analog Transmitter
Loop-powered blind analog transmitter
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Seametrics IP150/250 Series Hot-Tap Paddlewheel Flow Sensor
Adjustable depth paddlewheel flow sensor with hot-tap feature
Seametrics PT35 Dual Pulse Timer
Dual counter / timer with optional sequential operation
Seametrics PS40 Pulse Splitter
Solid state outputs plus one relay (dry contact), allows single meter to operate multiple devices
Seametrics SES Series Turbine Flow Meter
Single-jet turbine flow meter in an extremely rugged stainless steel package
Seametrics SEB Series Turbine Flow Meter
Metal-bodied turbine flow meter for in-line clean water applications, replaces ES45-BSING
Seametrics Grounding Ring Kit
Required with non-conductive pipe & recommended for installations that could damage the flange gasket
Seametrics 100889 Replacement Battery
Spare 2-D cell lithium battery pack for WMX104 & iMAG4600 meters
Seametrics Fittings for IP800 Series Flow Meters
Weldolet, saddle, and tee fitting for Seametrics IP800 Series Flow Meters
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Seametrics Replacement Batteries
Replacement Batteries, C Cell Lithium, 2 Included (WMP104 only)
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Seametrics DC4-USB Data Logger Download Cable
Data logger download cable, IP68
Seametrics FT400 Series Replacement Modules
Replacement electronics and display for FT430, FT440 and FT450 flow computers
Seametrics EX800 Series Magmeter Fittings
Weld braze, saddle and tee type fittings for EX800 series meters
Seametrics Adapter Kit for PE202 Magmeters
Male or female connection options 3/8", 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" size options PP or PVDF material options
Seametrics PC Series Power Supply
Single or dual power supply, 24 VDC and 12 VDC depending on model
Seametrics 103971 Replacement Battery
Spare 2-D cell lithium battery pack that includes o-ring, security seal and desiccant to ensure proper meter maintenance for iMAG4700
Seametrics iMAG Power/Output Cables
Power/output cables for Seametrics iMAG4700 magnetic flow meters
Seametrics Replacement Battery Pack for WMX101
2-AA cell lithium battery pack is backup power for WMX101
Seametrics Flange Clamps
FNPT or BSP threading at 2" or 3" size flange clamps for the WMP Series
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Seametrics DC30 External Power/Output Cable
20 foot (6m) cable for field installation on the WMX104
Seametrics 101422 Output Cable
6 meter, 8 conductor shielded female output cable for PE202 magmeter
Seametrics AO55 Replacement Module
Replacement electronics for the AO55 blind analog transmitter
Seametrics Power/Output Cable
5-Pin, 6-Meter, Power/Output Cable for WMP101
Seametrics FT400 Mounting Conversion Kits
Wall to meter mount conversion kits for Seametrics FT400 series flow monitors
Seametrics DC35 External Power/Output Cable
50 foot (15m) cable for field installation on the WMX104
Seametrics 103396 Mounting Conversion Kit
Meter to wall mount adapter kit for Seametrics FT400 series flow monitors
Seametrics Gasket Kit
Seametrics 103709-01 Display Cover Kit
White display cover kit for use with EX90 Series electromagnetic insertion flow sensor
Seametrics Connector
RoyTronics® Series-A Pump 5-pin Connector
Seametrics DC100 External Power/Output Cable
100 foot (30m) cable for field installation on the WMX104
Seametrics DC150 External Power/Output Cable
150 foot (45m) cable for field installation on the WMX104
Seametrics DC200 External Power/Output Cable
200 foot (60m) cable for field installation on the WMX104