• 2M11000
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  • 1.66″ diameter—fits easily in 2-inch wells
  • RS485 Modbus® interface
  • Measures dissolved oxygen and temperature
  • Over 260,000 records in non-volatile memory
  • Fluorescence sensor technology
  • No membranes, fill solutions, replacement caps, or cartridges required
  • Includes new Aqua4Plus control software for setting up flexible recording sequences, retrieving data, monitoring real-time data, and viewing collected data
  • Operating Temp. Range: 0 to 55°C
  • Storage Temp. Range: -40 to 80°C


The Seametrics DO2 dissolved oxygen logger provides precision optical transmission and detection to
measure oxygen concentration in the fluid outside of the sensor. It does so by utilizing fluorescence of a stable, immobilized ruthenium-based film matrix. This industry standard digital RS485 interface device records over 250,000 records of dissolved oxygen, temperature, and power supply voltage data, and operates with low power.

Equipped with integrated datalogger and Aqua4Plus software, this sensor provides data to the user that is collected on a variety of time intervals. The internal microprocessor runs on 12 VDC and automatically turns the sensing unit on and off, as needed, to conserve power. This sensor does not require water movement, flow, or frequent cleaning and calibration.