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  • Three chassis options
    • 19in 3U high - 19 general purpose slots
    • 19in 6U high - 28 general purpose slots
    • 12in 3U - 10 general purpose slots
  • Mounting options
    • EIA rail-mount
    • Panel-cutout-mount
    • Bulkhead mount


The Bently Nevada Orbit 60R/CHA system chassis can be deployed flexibly with a public facing side (for rack or panel mounts) and a utility side (for wiring connections and bulkhead mounts). Modules are inserted into the chassis and all wiring connections made from the utility side. The public side of the chassis is provisioned for status LEDs, configuration ports, config/run key, and reset button. The chassis are available in three types: 3U 12in 10 slot, 3U 19in 19 slot, and 6U 19in 28 slot.

Bently Nevada's Xtend™ technology allows you to connect multiple chassis with a virtual, digital backplane. The result is the Orbit 60 can be deployed as not just a conventional rack, but as a distributed rack where I/O is located near the machine to dramatically reduce wiring costs, linked to the master rack and its common controllers, communication gateways, and displays via high speed communications through simplex or redundant bridging modules in each chassis. Xtend™ technology allows multiple chassis and up to 80 dynamic channels to be connected, with chassis located up to 2km (1.25mi) from one another.

The Orbit 60 is smaller than prior generations of Bently Nevada monitoring systems. This means less space is required for the same number of channels. That space savings translates to cost savings through cabinets that can be more densely populated and more efficient use of panel space. The 3U, 19in rack can hold approximately the same number of channels as 3500 in half the space. The 6U version holds more channels than 3500 and fits in exactly the same space, allowing you to reuse panel cutouts without modification.

Mounting Options

  • Panel Mount – Mounts to rectangular cutouts in panels and secures to the panel using clamps supplied with the chassis in 3U 12in half-size, 3U 19in standard, and 6U 19in standard configurations. The 6U 19in will fit in the space of a 3500 rack.
  • Rackmount – Mounts the 3U or 6U chassis on 19in EIA rails. Two 3U units or a single 6U form factor has been designed to fit within the space of a single 19in rackmount 3500 unit, as a retrofit.
  • Bulkhead - Typically mounts into a protective enclosure fastened to a sub panel in 3U 12in, 3U 19in standard, and 6U 19in standard configurations. NEMA 4 and 4X weatherproof housings are available when required for environmental protection or when purge air is used.


Required Components

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