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  • Required for Orbit 60 system
  • 3 ethernet ports: one front, two back


The Bently Nevada Orbit 60R/SIM01 system interface module is required to define a system, whether it is just one chassis or if the system bridges across multiple chassis. It occupies one slot in the Orbit 60 chassis and must be adjacent to the power input module in a panel or rackmount chassis. It controls protection configuration management, local display, system-level diagnostics, system LEDs, system contacts, and the system protection fault relay.

The system interface module is the access point for configuring and maintaining the system. It interfaces with displays and will communicate to the configuration utility and transmit the configuration to the other modules in the system. A key-lock switch on the public side of the module secures the system configuration, preventing unauthorized changes to the configuration settings. The LED indications for POWER 1 / POWER 2 show power input module status. The SIM LED indicates system interface module is installed in the correct slot and operational.