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  • Connects multiple chassis for flexible deployment
  • Blocks transmissions from non-approved sources
  • Supports simplex and redundant link media
  • Uses three IX Ethernet cables


The Bently Nevada Orbit 60R/BRG01 bridge module connects multiple chassis to make a distributed system. This connectivity enables flexible deployments in linear or star topologies and significantly reduces field wiring cost, especially when extending to remote locations. Each Bridge module communicates all data in the local chassis and replicates to the remote chassis. This means taht all data within the system is communicated to all devices in the system. The bridge module occupies a single slot on the chassis.

The bridge module provides protection from incompatible networks interfering with the operation of the system by blocking any transmissions from non-approved sources to the chassis.

Bridge modules are connected using triple redundant cabling to ensure that a faulted cable does not affect operation of the system. The loss of a cable will cause a fault indication, but the system will still function even if only a single cable is functional.