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  • 24VDC Power input port
  • VGA display output. DVI-D available on 15in and 21.5in
  • DB9 serial port
  • Three sizes available
    • 10.4in (640 x 480 resolution)
    • 15in (1024 x 768 resolution)
    • 21.5in (1920 x 1080 resolution)
  • 10ft power cable included


The Bently Nevada Orbit 60X/EXD external touchscreen display utilizes an industrial computer connected to the system interface module via Ethernet. The computer and display can be placed where needed for each application. The 10.4in, 15in, and 21.5in VGA touchscreen displays are designed for excellent viewing quality in industrial applications.

If you want to use the 21.5in display, before ordering, please verify that your 19in rack equipment enclosure can contain the 21.5in display. If rack-mounted, you must be able to access the controls at the rear of the display.

Mounting Options - You can mount the displays in a remote enclosure, panel, or rack.

  • 10.4in Display Can be mounted in a rack, panel, and enclosure
  • 15in Display Can be mounted in a rack, panel, and enclosure
  • 21.5in Display Can be mounted in a rack or panel only