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  • 4 input channels supported
  • Supports many commercially available sensors:
    • Proximitor
    • Acceleration
    • Aeroderivative
    • Seismic
    • Linear Variable Differential Transformer
  • Analog buffered transducer output


The Bently Nevada Orbit 60R/INP dynamic input module digitizes the sensor signal at a rate that encompasses the signal content and provides transducer power for various sensors. The 60R/INP dynamic input module supports 4-channel input and is available in both negative and positive dynamic input options that can also be used for speed or Keyphasor signals.

Negative Transducer Input Module

These cards are designed to work with negative voltage external sensors offering four variants:

  • PAV (Prox, Accel, Velom) - This module accommodates more than 80% of available input sensors allowing greater flexibility with one firmware enabled module.
  • PAS (Prox, Accel, Seismic)
  • PAA (Prox, Accel, Aero)
  • PAD (Prox, Accel, DC LVDT)

Positive Transducer Input Module

The positive voltage input module interfaces with industry standard third-party ICP sensors, as well as sensors that use a 3 wire (power, common, signal) or 2 wire ( A/+ and B/-) positive voltage interface.

  • PVT (Prox, Accel, Velom)