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  • Electromechanical Relay (EMR)
    • 8 single pole double throw electromechanical relays
    • 5V-240Vac for load of 100mA-4.5A supported
  • Solid State Relay (SSR)
    • 8 solid state relays
    • 125Vdc and loads of 1-125mA supported


The Bently Nevada Orbit 60R/RLY relay output module can be programmed to actuate based on alarm conditions defined by other modules in the system. They are programmable with standard logic elements to combine various alarms and statuses into relay activation conditions. The 60R/RLY can also be programmed to operate as system protection fault relays.

Electromechanical Relay (EMR)

Used for applications where the relay is used to directly drive a load. It features 8 single pole double throw electromechanical relays and supports a voltage range of 5V-240Vac for load of 100mA-4.5A. Supports DC voltage and load ranges 5V-30VDC at 4.5A, 48VDC at 0.75A, and 125VDC at 0.2A.

Solid State Relay (SSR)

This relay is used for low current communication applications where the relay is connected to a discrete input for an external system. This module supports voltages up to 125Vdc and loads of 1-125mA.