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  • X-well technology
  • Single sensor capability
  • Dual-compartment field mount
  • Aluminum or SST housing
  • Thermocouple, 2-, 3-, 4-wire RTD, millivolt and ohm input types
  • WirelessHART protocol
  • User-configurable update rate, one second to 60 minutes
  • ±0.405°F (±0.225°C) accuracy, Pt 100 at reference condition 68°F (20°C)
  • Operating temperature:
    • -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C) without display
    • -4 to 175°F (-20 to 80°C) with display
  • IEC 62591 compliant, 2.4 GHz output
  • NEMA 4X, IP66


The Rosemount 648 wireless temperature transmitter offers best-in-class wireless accuracy and stability for process monitoring. The 648 transmitter is designed with a dual-compartment housing for field reliability. The transmitter features WirelessHART technology, which is secure, cost-effective and delivers greater than 99% data reliability. Transmitter-sensor matching produces better accuracy, matching exact sensor characteristics with the transmitter. The optional LCD display offers access to measurement and diagnostic information in the field, enhancing process visibility. Easy installation enables quick instrumentation of measurement points without the cost of wiring.

When combined with Rosemount X-well Technology and the Rosemount 0085 Pipe Clamp sensor, the 648 transmitter can provide accurate measurement of process temperature via an in-transmitter thermal conductivity algorithm, eliminating the need for a thermowell or process penetration. X-well Technology simplifies temperature measurement point specification, installation and maintenance, and eliminates possible leak points. It also calculates a repeatable and accurate process temperature measurement via an in-transmitter thermal conductivity algorithm, measures pipe surface and ambient temperature, and uses the thermal conductivity properties of the installation and process piping in order to provide an accurate process measurement.



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