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  • Made from solid barstock to ensure strength & integrity
  • Immersion lengths from 0.5 to 60in (25 to 1500mm)
    • Call us to customize a longer one
  • Wide variety of process connections including:
    • Flanged, threaded, welded, and Van Stone
  • Large selection of thermowell materials
    • Call us if this page doesn't offer the one you want
  • Additional thermowell options and certificates available

The Rosemount 114C Thermowells are available in a wide variety of style and materials to meet any temperature process requirement. Made from solid barstock to ensure strength and integrity, the 114C was designed to accommodate a host of industry standard configurations, but has the flexibility to adapt to special configurations for different types of applications.

Temperature sensors are rarely inserted directly into an industrial process. They are installed into a thermowell to isolate them from the potentially damaging process conditions of flow-induced stresses, high pressure, and corrosive chemical effects. Thermowells are closed-end metal tubes or barstock installed into the process vessel or piping and become an integral pressure-tight part of the process vessel or pipe. They permit the sensor to be quickly and easily removed from the process for calibration or replacement without requiring a process shutdown and possible drainage of the pipe or vessel.

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Part Number Price Available
Show Configuration
Base Price
Length Units
Immersion Length
4.75 inches
Mounting Style
Process Connection
1/2-14 NPT tapered threads (+$59.00)
Stem Style
Tapered stem
Thermowell Material
Alloy C-276 (+$564.97)
Head Length
1.75 inches
Instrument Connection Threads
1/2in-14 NPT
Tip Shape
Standard flat
Tip Thickness
0.25in (6.4mm)
Van Stone Flange Material
Only applicable with Van Stone flanges
Bore Diameter
0.260in (6.6mm) (+$15.40)
External Pressure Test
Not included
Internal Pressure Test
Not included
Flange Face
Only applicable with flanges
Surface Finish Certification
Not included
Canadian Registration Number
Not included
NACE Approval
Not included
Special Cleaning
Not included
Dye Penetration Test
Not included
PMI Testing
Not included
Material Certification
Not included
Not included
Plug & Chain
Not included
Vent Hole
Not included
Wrench Flats
Standard, two sides
Surface Finish
Standard finish of T32 ╬╝in CLA N6 (8 um Ra) or better
Not included
Wake Frequency Calculation
Not included
Warranty Options
Standard manufacturer's limited warranty
Assembly Options
$702.45 3

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