Rosemount 0085 Pipe Clamp Sensor
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  • Temperature range:
    • -58 to 572°F (-50 to 300°C) silver tip
    • -328 to 572 °F (-200 to 300°C) nickel tip
  • .5 to 48in (22 to 1219mm) pipe sizes
  • X-well technology
  • Single or dual element sensor
    • Class A optional
  • Assemble to transmitter option
  • IP68 and NEMA 4X protection
  • Spring loaded adapter option

The Rosemount 0085 pipe clamp sensor has a non-intrusive design for fast and easy temperature measurement in piping applications. The platinum RTD temperature sensors feature silver or nickel tip material. Integrated temperature assemblies provide time and cost savings. The direct mount assembly has Rosemount 648 Wireless with Rosemount X-well technology to provide accurate process temperature without requiring a thermowell or process penetration.

The Rosemount pipe clamp platinum RTD Sensors are highly linear and have a stable resistance versus temperature relationship. They are primarily used in industrial environments where high accuracy, durability, and long-term stability are required, and are designed to meet the most critical parameters of international standards: DIN EN 60751/IEC 751 1983 incorporating Amendments 1 and 2.

A direct mounting configuration allows heat from the process, aside from ambient temperature variations, to transfer from the pipe clamp to the transmitter housing. If the expected pipe surface temperature is near or above the transmitter specification limits, consider using additional extension length or a remote mounting configuration to isolate the transmitter.

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Please consider these optional accessories.

Rosemount 1410 Wireless Gateway
Connects WirelessHART networks with host systems & data applications, offers network flexibility for remote indoor operations
Rosemount 1420 Wireless Gateway
NEMA 4X gateway connects WirelessHART networks with host systems with the capacity for up to 100 devices


This product can be used in the following applications:

Application Notes

Here's how some of our customers used this product.

Monitoring Temperature in a High Pressure Pipeline

The Background: Our customer is petrochemical company that needs to monitor temperature in a high pressure pipeline.

The Problem: The pressures inside the pipeline can exceed 1000 psi, well above the range of most temperature sensors. Any temperature sensor used cannot impede flow within the pipeline.

The Solution: We recommended the Rosemount 0085 pipe clamp sensor paired with a Rosemount 3144P temperature transmitter. The 0085 has a non-intrusive design for fast and easy temperature measurement in piping applications. It negates the high pressure in the pipeline from being an issue, without sacrificing any of the accuracy making it ideal for this application.