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  • 1000MΩ minimum insulation resistance
    • When measured at 500VDC at room temperature
  • 2.2 second response time for grounded thermocouples
    • 3.2 seconds for ungrounded
  • Spring-loaded sensor mounting styles available
  • Hazardous location product approvals optional
  • Electrical continuity of each conductor pair is verified
  • Rosemount 0183 Thermocouple
  • Rosemount 0185 Metric Thermocouple
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The Rosemount 214C thermocouples are designed to provide flexible and reliable temperature measurements in process monitoring and control environments. Choose from three thermocouple types to best suit your application needs:

  • Type J is one of the most common thermocouples (iron & constantan conductors)
  • Type K is used for high temperature applications (Chromel & Alumel conductors)
  • Type T is used for low temperature applications (copper & constantan conductors)

Rosemount 214C temperature sensors are available with immersion lengths from 2 to 78-1/2 inches (50 to 2000mm) in 1/4-inch (5mm) increments. All sensor styles and lengths have a standard 1/4-inch (6mm) nominal diameter. Multiple options for connection heads, accuracy, mounting styles, extensions and other factors are also available.

The Rosemount 214C temperature sensors can be combined with process-ready or hand-tight transmitter, sensor, and/or thermowell assemblies to deliver a complete temperature solution.


This product can be used in the following applications:

Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Maintaining Refrigeration Temperature in Portable Units

The Background: Our customer manufactures portable refrigeration units that are mounted on skids. They require an accurate means of monitoring temperatures at multiple points on the unit.

The Problem: The customer needs accurate and reliable temperature sensors at multiple monitoring points to relay information to an onboard temperature controller which will maintain the temperature.

The Solution: We recommended Rosemount 214C thermocouples with Rosemount 114C thermowells. The 214C is available with a wide range of options to fit nearly any temperature sensing application.