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  • Multicalibration of up to 7 test items possible
  • Templates calibration certificates and logger protocols
  • Flexibility through individual settings
  • Simple operation and set-up of the software
  • SQL database independent from Microsoft access

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The Mensor WIKA-Cal Calibration Software is used for generating calibration certificates or logger protocols for pressure measuring instruments and is available as a demo version for a cost-free download. Calibration certificates can be created with the Cal-Template and logger protocols can be created with the Log-Template. In order to switch from the demo version to a full version of the respective template, a USB stick with the license must be purchased.

The pre-installed demo version automatically changes to the selected full version when the USB stick is inserted and remains available so long as the USB stick is connected to the computer.

A template is a prepared document. Immediately after selecting the template, all documents will be clearly displayed in a database. When the user generates a new document with the template, he will be guided through the creation process in a document view. Meanwhile, the software retrieves previously created information from an SQL database and adds further data during the certificate generation.

Applications for the WIKA-Cal include:

  • Creation of calibration certificates for mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments
  • Fully automatic calibration with pressure controllers
  • For the recording of certificate-relevant data in combination with the CalibratorUnits of the CPU6000 series
  • Determination of the required mass loads for pressure balances
  • Calibration of gauge pressure measuring instruments with absolute pressure references and vice versa