• Control speed: < 3 seconds
  • 7.0” color LCD touch screen with STEP and JOG function
  • Uncertainty: 0.025% FS (365 day calibration interval)
  • Ranges:
  • Gauge: 0 to 5 up to 0 to 1000psig
  • Absolute: 0 to 14.5 up to 0 to 1015psia
  • Bi-directional: 5 ≤ span ≤ 1000psi
  • Barometric reference available
  • Bezel and Handle
  • Digital Interface IEEE-488.2 and Ethernet. Other interface will be USA if TS-0232 is not requiered
  • Includes A2LA/NIST Calibration Certificate
  • 6-digit resolution


The Mensor CPC3000 pressure controller is ideally suited for production, calibration and test environments where speed is critical. Featuring a lightweight, compact design, the CPC3000 incorporates a reliable high speed pressure regulator that can control (scale up or down) into a 150 ml volume to within 0.025% FS of the setpoint in under 3 seconds for pressures above 10 psi.

The CPC3000 pressure controller's flexible architecture and innovative user interface make it the right choice for pressure production calibration and test environments. The instrument has a touch screen interface that makes calibration and testing sensor easy and quick. The user friendly menu screens facilitate setup of specific limits within the full scale capability of the instrument. User defined steps can be programmed in pressure steps or percent of full span to move the pressure setpoint across the full span of the instrument under test.

To communicate with external programs to achieve automated pressure control, the Mensor CPC3000 is equipped with IEEE-488, USB and Ethernet. Automated control of the CPC3000 can be accomplished using the remote command set. An external computer using any of a variety of software programs can remotely control the functions of the CPC3000. This is useful in production environments where repetitive processes are required or in a lab environment where calibration certificates need to be produced and stored.