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  • The CPU6000 Series consists of the following units
  • CPU6000-W weather station:
    • Temp range: -40 to 253°F (-40 to 123.8°C)
    • Temp accuracy: ±0.5°
    • 0 to 100% RH
    • 550 to 1150 mbar atmospheric pressure
    • 0.05 % FS atmospheric pressure accuracy
  • CPU6000-S Pressure Balance Sensor Box
    • -58 to 482°F(-50 to 250°C) piston temperature
    • ±0.1°C at 20°C piston temperature accuracy
    • Floating position 4-20mA/20-200mm
    • Floating position accuracy ±0.5 mm
  • CPU6000-M Digital Multimeter:
    • Voltage range 0 to 10V
    • Voltage accuracy ±0.5 mV
    • Current range 0 to 20mA
    • Current accuracy ±1.6 µA
    • DC 24V voltage supply


The Mensor CPU6000 Calibrator is made up of three instruments: the model CPU6000-W weather station, the model CPU6000-S pressure balance sensor box and the model CPU6000-M digital multimeter. All of these products serve for the acquisition of measured value data, relevant for calibration certificates.

The new calibration concept simplifies the generation of certificates and increases the productivity and quality of the certificate generation process. Applications for the CPU6000 include:

  • Determination of the required mass loads or the reference pressure for calibration with pressure balances
  • Recording of data, relevant for certificates
  • Calibration of relative pressure measuring instruments with absolute pressure references and vice versa
  • Easy calibration of pressure transmitters through the voltage supply and multimeter function

The CPU6000-W provides measured values such as atmospheric air pressure, relative humidity and the ambient temperature of the laboratory environment. The WIKA-CAL software automatically documents, in the respective test report, the measured values and saves these to a database. Furthermore, with this software or the CPB-CAL iPad® application, the measured values are used in conjunction with the pressure balance for the calculation of the mass loads.

The CPU6000-S measures the piston temperature and displays the floating position of the masses. The sensor is fitted directly to the pressure balance and serves to achieve the highest accuracy with a single pressure balance.

The CPU6000-M fulfills the function of a digital multimeter and power supply unit when electronic pressure transmitters must be calibrated. The CPU6000-M supplies test items with DC 24 V and measures voltage and current signals. In addition, digital pressure sensors such as the model CPT61X0 and model D-10 can be connected directly over the RS-232 interface.

The iPad® application calculates the mass loads for pressure balances or the reference pressure while taking the measured parameters from the CPU6000 into account. The conversion can be carried out in all common pressure units. As an additional parameter, the local value of gravity can be specified for location-independent measurements. The application can be used 'on the fly' and is very user-friendly.


Here's how some of our customers use this product...

Monitoring Ambient Conditions for Dead Weight Testers

The Background: The customer has a calibration lab and needs the lowest uncertainty of measurement, free from environmental influences.

The Problem: The customer has been having issues with temperature, humidity and barometric pressure affecting the accuracy of pressure calibration with their deadweight tester.

The Solution: The Mensor CPU6000 calibration unit weather station used in conjunction with a DH-Budenberg CPB5800 Deadweight Tester provides the lowest calculated uncertainty. The CPU6000 includes the CPB-cal Ipad app which recognizes the mass load on the deadweight tester and recalculates pressures based upon ambient temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. The app also allows alternate pressure units to be calculated and local gravity calculations can be specified, allowing the dead weight tester to be used in any location with the best uncertainty.