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  • Supports all Micro Motion meters
    • Also Rosemount 8732EM & 8800D meters
  • Management and simulation of configuration files
  • Enhanced data logging functionality
    • Both on-demand and time-based
  • Graphical process variable trending views
  • HART, Modbus RS-485 & Modbus/TCP communications

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Micro Motion ProLink III is a Microsoft Windows-based software application that delivers all the power and flexibility you need to configure and manage Micro Motion and Rosemount Flow meters. Its intuitive, dashboard-like interface allows you to simultaneously access all the information you may need to assess your meter's health.

Easily view your process variables, alert conditions, and raw signals such as drive gain, time period, and pickoff values - from a single screen. Additionally, ProLink III provides configuration capabilities that allow you to more efficiently manage the setup and commissioning of your Micro Motion or Rosemount Flow devices.

Micro Motion ProLink III provides the features that allow you to minimize expensive downtime while troubleshooting your meters while increasing the safety of your employees with less time spent in the field.

You can download the Basic version for free, which includes:

  • Full transmitter configuration
  • Alert notifications
  • Alert resolution guide
  • Diagnostics/inputs/outputs display
  • Smart Meter Verification launch
  • Load and save device configurations
  • Known Density Verification launch
  • Known Density Verification reports

In order to get the following expanded features, you need to order the Professional version:

  • Smart Meter Verification reports
  • Process variable trending (one or more devices)
  • Offline configuration management
  • Device simulation
  • Data logging
  • Multidevice comparison tool
  • Guided process support tools
  • Modbus/TCP