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Micro Motion 1500 single variable flow transmitters are powered by MVD Technology and designed to easily fit into control room panels. These transmitters feature a simple 4-wire connection to the sensors for power and signal, eliminating the expense of running custom cables or needing to provide a separate power source at the sensors.

MVD technology is high-speed signal processing that is embedded in electronics to deliver accuracy under the toughest conditions: entrained gas, high noise, high turndown and more. The front-end digital processing dramatically reduces signal noise and gives you faster response time to identify and resolve problems easily with built-in diagnostics.

The 1500 compact transmitter coupled with the filling and dosing application software offers all the benefits of MVD technology, in a package specifically designed for filling, dosing, and bottling processes. It is optimized for precise control and delivery of small quantities of fluids over broad ranges of process conditions and is compatible with a wide range of sensors, including hygienic models for CIP, SIP, and EHEDG certification. The overshoot compensation (OC) automatically adjusts the valve closure signal to accommodate changing process conditions.