Micro Motion 2500 Multiple Variable Flow Transmitter
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  • Coriolis transmitter with multiple measurement options
    • Mass, volume, & gas standard volume flow rates
    • As well as density, temperature & drive gain
  • 4-wire connection with optional 9-wire compatibility
  • Petroleum measurement software version is optional
  • Available with Smart Meter Verification
    • Check performance & integrity without stopping flow
  • Three-color status LED & zero button
  • RS485 HART and Modbus communications
  • 19.2 to 28.8 VDC power requirement

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Micro Motion 2500 multiple variable flow transmitters are powered by MVD Technology and designed to easily fit into control room panels. These transmitters feature a simple 4-wire connection to the sensors for power and signal, eliminating the expense of running custom cables or needing to provide a separate power source at the sensors.

MVD technology is high-speed signal processing that is embedded in electronics to deliver accuracy under the toughest conditions: entrained gas, high noise, high turndown and more. The front-end digital processing dramatically reduces signal noise and gives you faster response time to identify and resolve problems easily with built-in diagnostics.

Select the petroleum measurement version for additional calculations with the standard software:

  • Calculates base density (corrected API Gravity) & the correction for the effect of temp on a liquid
  • Calculates gross volume at standard temperature
  • Calculates flow-weighted average temperature & observed gravity (flowing density)
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