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  • Milliampere & frequency/pulse outputs
  • Transmitter & process control functions in a single device
  • Field-mount or DIN rail mount transmitter
  • Optional NEMA enclosures (field-mount transmitters only)
  • Optional filling and dosing application software


Micro Motion LFT-Series transmitters are specially designed to work with LF-Series coriolis flow sensors on your low-flow applications. LFT-Series transmitters incorporate MVD technology – an innovative, multivariable, digital signal processing capability. MVD technology improves ease of use with an easy-to-use display, reduces downtime with enhanced diagnostics, and lowers flowmetering costs with a 4-wire connection.

Micro Motion LF-Series sensors and transmitters can be installed as part of a HART® Bell 202 multidrop network, a Modbus® RS-485 digital communications network, or a FOUNDATION™ fieldbus system. LFT-Series transmitters support Emerson Process Management's PlantWeb® field-based architecture, which uses the power of intelligent, interoperable field devices to improve plant performance.

Micro Motion LF-Series meters and transmitters are ideal for many low-flow applications, including flavoring, fragrances, and catalysts. LF-Series meters are designed to meet the demanding low-flow needs of a wide variety of industries such as chemical, petrochemical, life sciences, food and beverage, and oil and gas.