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  • Integral or remote-mount options (4-wire & 9-wire)
  • Polyurethane-painted aluminum housing
  • Choice of configurable I/O or Ethernet version
  • Graphical backlit display with 4-button optical controls
  • Available with Smart Meter Verification
    • Check performance & integrity without stopping flow
  • 18 to 100 VDC & 85 to 265 VAC self switching power


The Micro Motion 5700 flow transmitter features high-accuracy density measurement which reduces or eliminates waste in your process. It's faster processing speed delivers the best response even in the most challenging applications such as meter proving, filling & dosing and batching.

The embedded historian feature records upsets and process deviations that can be easily accessed to give you valuable insight into your process for better troubleshooting and optimization.

The configurable I/O version has 5 channels you can monitor more process measurements from a single device. The breakdown of the possible I/O channel capabilities are as follows:

  • Up to 3 mA outputs
  • Up to 2 Frequency outputs
  • Up to 3 Discrete outputs
  • Up to 2 Discrete inputs
  • mA and Frequency inputs
  • Modbus/RS-485

The Ethernet version comes with 3 channels, 2 are Ethernet outputs (EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP, or PROFINET) and 1 is a configurable I/O for mA, frequency, or discrete output.