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The Micro Motion 2200S 2-wire transmitter uses direct mass measurement to improve process control while reducing number of measurement devices required. It's a low energy, loop-powered design and it installs with no flow conditioning or straight pipe run required. With this transmitter you can replace existing 2-wire flow devices with minimal effort and without incurring additional power or cabling costs.

The 2200S is a compact, integral transmitter that saves electrical cost and space for use on integrated systems and skids. The 2-wire design brings measurement accuracy, repeatability and operational savings on a level not previously possible for flow points with only loop power. It also features MVD technology.

MVD technology is high-speed signal processing that is embedded in electronics to deliver accuracy under the toughest conditions: entrained gas, high noise, high turndown and more. The front-end digital processing dramatically reduces signal noise and gives you faster response time to identify and resolve problems easily with built-in diagnostics.