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  • Automatic testing, calibration, charging, and records management
  • Deployable as a stand-alone cradle or a controller–based system with up to 10 cradles
  • Controller with large, LCD display
  • Supports a wide variety of gases, including exotics
  • Optimized for field use--does not require a computer to operate
  • Can be used on a bench top or mounted on the wall
  • Direct printer connection
  • Data storage on a standard SD card

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RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro Single Gas Monitor
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The RAE Systems AutoRAE 2 automatic test and calibration system is compatible with most RAE Systems portable monitors and makes compliance with gas testing and calibration requirements as easy as pressing a button. Simply cradle the monitor and the system takes care of calibration, testing, and recharging.

The AutoRAE 2 system is flexible and modular, and can be configured to efficiently meet most calibration requirements. An AutoRAE 2 system can be as simple as a single cradle deployed in stand-alone mode to calibrate one instrument at a time, or as powerful as a networked, controller-based system supporting 10 instruments and 5 distinct calibration gas cylinders.

Please be sure to select a model compatible with your portable gas monitor. If you have any questions, please contact us.

RAE Systems Demand-Flow Regulator
Demand-flow regulator for pumped instruments, CGA-600 female or C-10 male thread options
RAE Systems Terminal Adapter
Terminal adapter for RAE Systems AutoRAE 2 Test and Calibration System
RAE Systems T02-0303-000 Wi-Fi Module
Wi-Fi Module for AutoRAE 2 Controller