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  • Molded-in pin contacts ensure precise alignment (no loose, wobbly parts)
  • Rugged, high quality, high performance connectors
  • Matching thermocouple alloy materials
  • Available in all standard calibrations and copper-copper, ASTM E 230 color-coded
  • Exclusive channel design isolates wires for clean, strong signals

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Stripped ends of thermocouple wire are simply inserted between the contact base and washer, then tightened with two terminal screws, there are no loose parts. Connectors do not need to be wrapped around terminal screws.

Watlow miniature connectors can accommodate wire sizes from 0.001 inch diameter up to 24 AWG, stranded. The connector is made with high impact strength, 400°F (200°C) rated, glass-filled thermoplastic. To maintain the highest measurement accuracy, matching thermocouple alloy materials are used throughout. The same fine features and high quality performance characteristics found in Watlow's standard connectors are found in the miniature connectors.

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