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  • Termination: 2.5 inch split lead or standard male plug
  • 12" of lead included
  • Call for custom options
  • Short lead time


The Watlow PFA encapsulated thermocouple's rigid sheath is covered with a 0.010 inch (25 mm) wall of PFA for corrosion resistance in acid environments. The Watlow PFA encapsulated thermocouple features an epoxy seal to improve the moisture resistance of the sensor and provides a barrier for migrating fumes in corrosive applications.

There are many options available which tailors the Watlow PFA encapsulated thermocouple to your specific application. If the configurations offered are unable to satisfy your requirements, custom manufactured sensors to your exacting specifications are available. Please contact Instrumart for details.

Watlow Thermocouples

Over 90 years of manufacturing research and design makes Watlow a world class supplier of temperature measurement products. Watlow has designed and manufactured millions of thermocouples for industrial and commercial equipment. Instrumart is ready to meet your sensing needs with an extensive offering of Watlow thermocouples.