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    The Watlow stainless steel shim style thermocouple has a low profile and can be placed between components for measurement of surface temperature.

    Over 90 years of manufacturing research and design makes Watlow a world class supplier of temperature measurement products. Watlow has designed and manufactured millions of thermocouples for industrial and commercial equipment. Instrumart is ready to meet your sensing needs with an extensive offering of Watlow thermocouples.

    If the variations listed are unable to satisfy your requirements, custom manufactured sensors to your exacting specifications are available.

    Please consider these optional accessories.
    Watlow SERV-RITE Thermocouple Wire
    Premium performance and reliability, Insulation temperature ranges from -328 to 2600°F (-200 to 1427°C)
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    Watlow MC Series Miniature Thermocouple Connectors
    Miniature design enables mating with other miniature size thermocouple connectors
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    Watlow High Temperature Connectors
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    Watlow SC Series Standard Connector
    SC Standard Connectors are ASTM color coded and made of Compensated alloys
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    Watlow SAC-220 Cable Clamp Connectors
    Cable Clamp Connectors for Male or Female
    Watlow SAB Series Crimp / Braze Connectors
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    Watlow SK Series Quick-Attach Thermocouple Connectors
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    Watlow SKP Single Panel Mount Hardware
    Connectors Single Panel Mount Hardware, 425°F (218°C)
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    Watlow Terminal Block for Standard Connection Heads
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    Watlow PT Polypropylene Head and Connector Blocks
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    Watlow Explosion Proof Thermocouple Connection Heads
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    Watlow Standard Thermocouple Connection Heads
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    Watlow 50500701 / 50500801 Terminal Blocks for PT Heads
    Single or dual elements for the PT Series polypropylene head
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