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  • Save site or set up data to archival files on you PC
  • Create data logs
  • Retrieve, view and archive data-log fiels from your instrument
  • Set up real time text display windows to read live data from your instrument
  • Create, save and share screen templates to view data quickly and easily in your preferred format
  • Create graphs of data-log files or real time data for trend analysis of your process
  • Store PC data-log files of any size up to your available hard drive capacity

This product is an accessory for the following products:


PanaView Instrument Interface Software is a Windows®-based software package that allows users to communicate interactively with Panametrics instruments. The simple point-and-click interface lets you access the software's many features, such as uploading set-up data to your computer for safe keeping and creating graph templates and log files from one or more instruments. Users can design formats to display graphs, logs and text on screen. Those formats can be saved as templates to standardize the formatting of future data.

PanaView Instrument Interface Software is compatible with the following Panametrics products:

PanaLink-Protocol Hygrometers

  • Moisture Image Series™ 1
  • Moisture Image Series™ 2
  • Moisture Monitor Series™ 3 (with controller board)
  • PM880

PanaLink-Protocol Flowmeters

  • AquaTrans™ UTX878
  • DigitalFlow™ IGM878
  • TransPort™ PT878
  • Sentinal™

PanaLink-Protocol Oxygen/Gas Analyzers

  • OxyTrak™ 390

IDM-Protocol Flowmeters

  • AquaTrans™ AT868
  • DigitalFlow™ DF868, GC868, GF868, GM868, GN868, GS868, XGM868, XGS868, XMT868i
  • TransPort™ PT868
  • UltraPure Flow™ UPT868-C, UPT868-P

IDM-Protocol Oxygen/Gas Analyzers

  • XMO2/IDM
  • XMTC