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  • Measurement ranges from 0.01 to 100%
  • Multiple enclosure options available
  • Push-button, single or dual gas calibration
  • Compact, rugged sensor design
  • No moving parts provides long term reliability and trouble-free operation
  • Dual-bridge measurement circuit compensates for variations in background gas composition
  • Unique dual-chamber, temperature-controlled cell
  • Resistant to contamination and flow fluctuation
  • Accuracy of 1% of span and linearity of better than 0.5% of span


The thermoparamagnetic Panametrics XMO2 oxygen transmitter is the most stable oxygen analyzer available on the market today. Representing state-of-the-art oxygen measurement, the Panametrics XMO2 oxygen transmitter provides reliable process oxygen measurement as easily as temperature or pressure measurement.

The Panametrics XMO2 oxygen transmitter combines computer-enhanced, automatic oxygen signal compensation, fast-response software, real-time error detection, and automated calibration with a proven thermoparamagnetic oxygen sensor to achieve unequaled performance and ease of use.

The compact, weatherproof, explosion-proof, and flameproof Panametrics XMO2 oxygen transmitter is specifically designed to be field installed at the process measurement point. Field installation minimizes sample-conditioning requirements while ensuring the best sample and the fastest possible response. With no moving parts, the Panametrics XMO2 oxygen transmitter is insensitive to mounting position or vibration and has excellent long-term reliability. The Panametrics XMO2 oxygen transmitter features a dual-chamber oxygen cell design that makes it resistant to contamination and flow variation.

An onboard microprocessor gives the Panametrics XMO2 oxygen transmitter the computing power to provide advanced online signal conditioning and digital communications via an RS232 interface and menu-driven software. Integrated signal-processing algorithms provide improved linearity and accuracy as well as automatic compensation for background gas variations and/or atmospheric pressure effects. The Panametrics XMO2 oxygen transmitter has a fast-response software routine that provides typical response times of less than 15 seconds. When recalibration does become necessary, it can be accomplished quickly and easily through software, with no potentiometers to adjust.

The Panametrics XMO2 oxygen transmitter requires 24 VDC power and provides a 4-20mA output signal with fully programmable zero and span settings. The output is proportional to oxygen concentration and internally compensated for background gas and/or atmospheric pressure variations. The weatherproof, explosion-proof, and rack-mount Panametrics XMO2 oxygen transmitters are available in a wide variety of measurement ranges.

Applications for the Panametrics XM02 Oxygen Transmitter

  • Inerting/blanketing liquid storage tanks
  • Reactor feed gases
  • Centrifuge gases
  • Catalyst regeneration
  • Solvent recovery
  • Landfill gas
  • Sewage wastewater digester gas
  • Oxygen purity