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  • Small, lightweight and easy-to-use
  • Non-intrusive flow measurement
  • Velocity, volumetric and energy flow rates
  • Totalized flow and trend data
  • Large, backlit LCD display
  • Alphanumeric & graphic formats
  • Multiple-language user interface
  • Rechargeable battery pack
  • Logs over 100,000 flow data points
  • USB communication port for PC interface
  • Submersible package
  • 32 site locations
  • Optional thickness gauge
  • Optional energy measurement
  • Suitable for most pipe sizes & materials
    • Including lined pipe

What's in the Box

  • USB cable
  • Panaview software
  • Power charger
  • Soft carrying case

The Panametrics TransPort PT878 flow meter system is a highly versatile, self-contained, portable ultrasonic kit with all the options and accessories to meet all your liquid flow measurement needs. This compact, lightweight kit includes a rechargeable internal battery pack and universal power supply charger making it the ideal go-anywhere flow meter.

The TransPort PT878 uses a patented Transit-Time digital signal processing technique greatly increases its signal-to-noise ratio for accurate, drift-free flow measurement in liquids that contain a second phase of entrained solids or gas bubbles. The TransPort flow meter operates in these and other difficult applications where conventional transit-time flow meters fail. The TransPort PT878 flow meter also accurately measures flow rate in perfectly clean liquids containing no "scatterers," where Doppler-type flowmeters cannot work.

The TransPort PT878 flow meter system is designed to make flow measurement within minutes of opening the box—the TransPort flow meter is that easy to use. Simply input the site parameters, clamp the transducers onto the pipe, adjust the spacing, and you're under way. No ancillary equipment is needed, and there's no need to break into the pipeline. An experienced user can make scores of different measurements in a single day.

The system is available with a wide range of transducers with different operating frequencies, materials of construction, operating temperatures and sizes to meet the requirements of rugged industrial environments. To hold clamp-on transducers in contact with the pipe, a variety of clamping fixtures are available to accommodate different pipe and transducer sizes.

The Panametrics TransPort PT878 flow meter system is also available with a number of accessories selected to increase the versatility of the system such as a thickness meter or energy kit. The system contains a USB communication port for PC interface.


Panametrics IRDA Cable
IRDA communication cable with DB9(F) connector for PC to PT878 and PM880 communications
Panametrics IRDA Cable with USB
IRDA communication cable with USB connector for PC to PT878 and PM880 communications
Panametrics PTBK-I/O Cable
Analog input and output cable, 6 foot length with Lemo connector (console) to flying lead (8 pin)
In Stock
Panametrics 704-671-25 Transducer Cables
Pair of dual transducer cables, 25 foot length with BNC to LEMO connectors for use with C-PT and C-RS transducers
In Stock
Pair of small pipe dual transducer cables
Pair of small pipe dual transducer cables, 25ft length with Microdot to LEMO connectors for use with CF-LP style clamp-on transducers
Panametrics 100ft Extension Cable
Extension cable with BNC male and BNC female connectors
Panametrics 25ft Extension Cable
Extension cable with BNC male and BNC female connectors
In Stock

Power Supplies

Panametrics Universal Power Supply
Replacement universal power supply/battery charger with cable and connector
In Stock
Panametrics PT878 Replacement battery
Replacement nickel metal hydride battery pack for PT878 flowmeter
In Stock


Panametrics PanaView Software & IRDA Cable
PanaView with IRDA communication cable with DB9(F) connector for PC to PT878 and PM880 communications
Panametrics Panaview Software
Instrument Interface Software Version 1.4.8

Clamp-on Fixtures

Panametrics Coated Aluminum Inserts
Coated aluminum inserts for use with C-RS transducers
In Stock
Panametrics UC Universal Clamping Fixture for Transducers
Universal clamping fixture for xx868 and PT878 meters
In Stock
Panametrics MC Magnetic Clamping Fixture for Transducers
Magnetic clamping fixture for xx868 and PT878 meters
In Stock
Panametrics SCF Permanent Clamp-On Fixture
Pair of 316L stainless steel clamping fixtures for permanent installations of transducers that are 2 inches or larger
In Stock


Panametrics PT878 Hard Case
Hard carrying case for PT878 or PT878GC meters
In Stock
Pelican Cases
Watertight, crushproof and dustproof cases for the ultimate in protection
Carry Case for Magnetic Clamping Fixtures
Long carry case for UC-F-X-24-0 or magnetic clamping fixtures
In Stock
Panametrics Soft Carrying Case
Soft carrying case for Panametrics PT878, padded to protect your equipment
In Stock
Panametrics Boot Kit
Includes protective boot, metal stand, and hand strap for PT878, PT878GC, or PM880


Please consider these optional accessories.

Panametrics TransPort PT878-01 Ultrasonic Flow Meter Electronics
Portable ultrasonic flow meter converter / display for use with the PT878 Ultrasonic Flow Meter System
Panametrics C-RS Ultrasonic Flow Transducers
Pair of high-performance clamp-on transducers
In Stock
Panametrics C-PT High Temperature Ultrasonic Flow Transducers
Pair high-efficiency, plastic / metal shear wave transducers for pipes 2in & larger
In Stock
Panametrics C-ET Liquid Clamp-On Transducers
Designed for extremely high and extremely low process temperature applications
Panametrics UTXDR Ultrasonic Flow Transducers
General purpose area transducers with adjustable clamping fixture
In Stock
Panametrics CF-LP 1/2" to 2" Ultrasonic Flow Transducer
4MHZ small pipe transducers and clamping fixtures for temperatures from -40 - 450°F
In Stock
Panametrics 5MHz Thickness Transducer
Dual element 5MHz thickness transducer with calibration block (English and Metric block)
In Stock
FS-200 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
Hand-held ultrasonic pipe thickness meter with 5 MHz transducer
In Stock
Panametrics CRTD Dual RTDs with Transmitter
Calibrated, matched pair of Pt1000 surface mount, 4-wire RTDs with integrated 4-20mA transmitter
In Stock
Panametrics Panatape
OD measuring tape with English (inch) and Metric (cm/mm) scale
In Stock
Panametrics Protective Port Caps
Protective caps for transducer, power and I/O cable connection ports

Spare Parts

Panametrics BAT-DOOR Battery Cover
Battery cover with 4 screws for the PT878 and PT878GC meters