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  • Ex situ diffusion/convection loop design with zirconium oxide oxygen sensor for measurement accuracy and durability
  • Sensor housing maintains steady temperature for greater accuracy and longer sensor life
  • Automatic calibration and verification
  • Optional sensor to measure CO, H2 and other combustibles
  • Corrosion-resistant design with plug-resistant sample path
  • Easy installation and sensor replacement
  • Suitable for temperatures up to 3182°F (1750°C)


The GE Panametrics OxyTrak 390 flue gas analyzer combines state-of-the-art measurement technology with a unique sampling design. The result is an accurate, low-cost analyzer that stays on the job for extended periods with minimal maintenance. The GE Panametrics OxyTrak 390 flue gas analyzer responds in seconds to changes in flue gas concentrations of oxygen and/or combustibles, constantly providing the information you need to keep your boiler or furnace operating at maximum efficiency.

In an ideal combustion process, fuel and air burn stoichiometrically to yield only heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. In reality, burners age, mixing is imperfect, caloric value of fuel varies, and firing rates change. These factors change the amount of air required for safe and efficient combustion of fuel. Accurate flue gas analysis minimizes fuel costs and reduces pollution in all combustion processes.

Stable, Accurate, Wide-Range Oxygen Sensor

The GE Panametrics OxyTrak 390 flue gas analyzer's zirconium oxide oxygen sensor is housed in a furnace that maintains the O2 sensor at a steady 1292°F (700°C). The temperature stability improves accuracy and extends the sensor's life.

Corrosion-Resistant Design

The manifold heater block located at the OxyTrak 390's sample inlet prevents manifold corrosion due to flue gas acid condensation. Corrosion is prevented, which ensures maximum analyzer life with minimum maintenance.

Optional Platinum-Catalyst Combustibles Sensor

The GE Panametrics OxyTrak 390 flue gas analyzer is equipped with a unique platinum-catalyst sensor to measure levels of combustibles (CO plus H2). This is useful for detecting incomplete combustion or defective burner equipment.

Simple Installation

GE Panametrics OxyTrak 390 flue gas analyzers can be installed on a flue or furnace on an existing flange mount. Because they utilize the ex situ convection loop design, reference air is not needed.

Fast, Easy Routine Maintenance

Calibration of the GE Panametrics OxyTrak 390 flue gas analyzer is easily achieved by introducing a calibrated gas through the convenient calibration port and making an automatic adjustment via the display controller. For sensor replacement, there is no need to remove the entire analyzer from the flue. Since the GE Panametrics OxyTrak 390 flue gas analyzer's sensor is ex situ, it can be quickly removed with basic tools.

Plug-Resistant Sample Path

A diffusion-based sampling technique greatly reduces the entry of particulates into the analyzer. If necessary, quick and easy cleaning is possible without disassembling the GE Panametrics OxyTrak 390 flue gas analyzer.