• Non Intrinsically-Safe
  • Kit includes meter, sample system, and probe
  • Measurements:
    • Moisture: DP temperature, ppmv, ppmw, % RH, lb/MMSCF, and others
    • Temperature: °F, °C, and °K
    • Pressure: psig, bar, kPa (gauge), kg/cm2 (gauge), and others
  • Dew/Frost Point Accuracy
    • ±1°F (±2°C) from 140°F to -85°F (60° to –65°C)
    • ±2°F (±3°C) from -85°F to -166°F (–65°C to –110°C)
  • Hand-held portable design
  • Single channel
  • 120 or 230 VAC line power for continuous operation
  • Type 4X, IP67 enclosure
  • 240 x 200 pixel, graphic backlit LCD display
  • Memory capacity to log over 100,000 moisture datapoints
  • IrDA communication with PC
  • Stores up to 60 log/site files
  • Simple programming via graphic user interface


The Panametrics PM880AC hygrometer package is a complete, line powered, portable system with options and accessories to meet all industrial moisture measurement needs. This system is non-intrinsically safe. For applications requiring an intrinsically safe unit, please consider the Panametrics PM880 Hygrometer Packages.

The PM880AC is small, lightweight, and easy to use. Utilizing the proven aluminum oxide moisture sensor, the unit can express the absolute humidity of gases and liquids in dew point temperature, parts per million by volume (PPMv), parts per million by weight (PPMw), pounds per million standard cubic feet in natural gas, relative humidity, and other measurement units. Results are displayed on a 240 x 200 pixel, graphic backlit LCD display. A 25-key keypad with rubberized, tactile membrane makes navigation simple. Data can be viewed in alphanumeric or graphic formats. The PM880AC comes with full data logging capabilities and a built-in infrared port to send data to a PC for detailed analysis and reporting. A 120 or 230 VAC power supply allows for continuous operation of the analyzer.

Multiple probes are available for the PM880 packages.

  • The M2L probe is a 3/4" - 16 straight thread process connection with Viton® O-ring seal, made out of 300 series stainless steel with a pressure rating of 5 microns of Hg to 5000 PSIG. Both have a calibration range of -80 to 20°C dew/frost point with data to -110°C.
  • The TF2 probe has a thin film aluminum oxide moisture sensor and multifunction capability. Mounting is a 3/4" straight thread process connection with o-ring seal.
  • The MISP2 probe is a microprocessor based Moisture Image Series Probe with thin film aluminum oxide moisture sensor, 16 bit resolution and non volatile calibration data storage. The mount is a 3/4" straight thread process connection with o-ring seal.

The Sample System can include a regulator and a flowmeter. The regulator is equipped with a 3000 PSIG inlet pressure and 0 to 50 PSIG outlet pressure. The flowmeter has a flow range of 1.3 to 13 SCFH with 4000 PSIG maximum pressure.

All items may be ordered individually, please see specific product pages.