• NIST Calibration available
  • Loop powered
  • Low power consumption
  • Suitable for pipe sizes from 1/2 inch to 16 inches (15 mm to 400 mm) diameter
  • Full external keypad
  • Large integral display
  • Simple meter and transducer installation and setup
  • Velocity, volumetric, and totalized flow
  • Economical non-intrusive flow measurement


The GE Panametrics AquaTrans UTX878 ultrasonic flow meter combines the simplicity of a loop-powered flow meter installation with proven, advanced clamp-on ultrasonic flow transmitter technology. The Panametrics AquaTrans UTX878 provides customers with an economical solution for flow measurement in pipes up to 16 in (400 mm).

Loop Powered Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

Loop-powered measurement devices have increased in popularity in the recent past because of the simplicity of their installation. A single cable to the flow meter carries both power to the meter and flow information back to the control system. New low-powered ultrasonic transducer technology, coupled with smart-microprocessor power management, allow the GE Panametrics AquaTrans UTX878 ultrasonic flow meter to function as a loop-powered meter.

Transit-Time Flow Measurement Technique

The Correlation Transit-Time™ technique uses a pair of transducers with each transducer sending and receiving coded ultrasonic signals through the fluid. When the fluid is flowing, signal transit-time in the downstream direction is shorter than in the upstream direction; the difference between these transit-times is proportional to the flow velocity. The AquaTrans UTX878 measures the time difference and uses programmed pipe parameters to determine flow rate and direction.

Applications of the GE Panametrics AquaTrans UTX878 Ultrasonic Flow Meter

The GE Panametrics AquaTrans UTX878 is a loop-powered, full-featured clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter system for a flow measurement of:

  • Potable water
  • Wastewater
  • Discharge water
  • Treated water
  • Cooling and heating water
  • Other liquids