Transmille was founded in 1997 as a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited calibration laboratory. Transmille quickly expanded as a precision instrument manufacturer using its specialized knowledge of calibration industry requirements to produce a ground-breaking range of calibrators including the first dedicated electrical test equipment calibrator. read more

Since its small beginnings, Transmille has year upon year built a reputation for service and innovation in the field of calibration. Transmille has seen rapid growth, with new services and products being introduced each year.

Today, Transmille's client base extends worldwide to provide precision calibration equipment to companies from small calibration service centers to National Laboratories, industrial clients, and military establishments.

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Transmille 3010/3041 Multi-Product Calibrator
Precision, multiproduct calibrator with up to 8 ppm accuracy
Transmille 3050 Multi-Product Calibrator
Precision, multi-product calibrator with 50 ppm accuracy
Transmille 1000 Series Multifunction Calibrator
Ultra-portable multi-product calibrator featuring 80ppm accuracy with the functionality of calibrators twice the size
Transmille 3200 Series Electrical Calibrator
Portable, calibration of Loop & RCD Testers, PATs and Insulation Testers, high accuracy, user friendly
Transmille 4000 Series Multi Function Calibrator
Designed for laboratories, manufacturers & design facilities requiring a wide range of outputs with accuracies
Transmille 8100 Series Multimeter
Precision multimeter features a wide range of inputs, multiple math functions & optional pressure module adapter interface
Transmille 9000 Series Multi-Product Calibrator
Can calibrate over 18 types of instruments to an accuracy of up to 25 ppm
Transmille EA002 Clamp Coil Adapter
Designed for the calibration of both wound AC and magnetic field hall effect AC/DC clamp meters
Transmille EA015 Multifunction Work Station
Extends calibrator functionality and provides convenient "front" access to remote terminals
Transmille 3000LEAD Lead Set
Precision Lead Set
Transmille ProCal-Track Calibration Software
Comprehensive instrument management software for a single user
Transmille EA003 Optical Tachometer Calibration Adapter
Optical tachometer calibration adapter
Transmille ProCal Software
Universal calibration software for use with Transmille calibrators for a single user
Transmille EA001A Thermocouple Simulation Adapter
Thermocouple simulation adapter and CJC readback
Transmille 8500 10-Channel Low Thermal Scanner
Provide up to 10 channels for multiple PRT and thermocouple measurements
Transmille EA017 Oscilloscope Calibration Test Head
4-channel switching oscilloscope calibration test head
Transmille 8500 Series Low Thermal Test Lead Set
Analog test lead set for Transmille 8500 Series Low Thermal Scanner
Transmille EA008 High Resistance Adapter
High resistance / pA measurement adapter provides accurate current measurement down to pico amp levels
Transmille Pressure Modules
Intelligent pressure modules for use with Transmille multi-product calibrators
Transmille EA014 Torque Calibration Adapter
Enables the Transmille 3041/3010 calibrator to calibrate torque up to 20 Nm
Transmille EA3025A 60 A Power Supply Calibration Adapter
Enables the calibration of high current power supplies
Transmille EXTHV High Voltage Insulation Tester Adapter
High Voltage Insulation Tester Adapter (active guard required)
Transmille EA022 Process Control Calibration Adapter
Enables calibration of source functions of process control instruments including voltage, current and resistance
Transmille EA013 Pico Amp Source Adapter
Calibrates sensitive electrometers and low level pico amp meters
Transmille EA3024 AC/DC Kilovolt Amplifier
Enables calibration of high voltage probes and dividers
Transmille 3000 Soft Case
Carrying case for 3010, 3041, and 3050 multi-product calibrators
Transmille 1000B Rack Mount
Rack mounting chassis for use with Model 1000B
Transmille EA016 Humidity/Temperature Sensor Adapter
Measures and stores temperature and humidity data along with calibration results
Transmille EA3012A AC/DC Transconductance Amplifier
Linear transconductance amplifier for calibrating high current instruments with the Transmille 3000 series calibrators
Transmille 1000LEAD Lead Set
Precision Lead Set
Transmille Rack Mount Kit
19 inch rack mount kit, retractable tray
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Transmille Virtual Front Panel Software
Enables full control of calibrator functions from a PC
Transmille EA3023 3A Power Supply Calibration Adapter
An essential option for simplifying the calibration of power supplies
Transmille Breakdown / HiPot Tester Adapter to 12kV
Breakdown / HiPot Tester Adapter to 12kV for the 3200 Series
Transmille GPIB Interface
General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB)
Transmille 3200 Transit Case
Rugged, hard carrying case for 3200B electrical test equipment calibrators
Transmille USBLEAD Cable
RS232 to USB converter lead
Transmille TCLEAD Thermocouple Lead
Includes integrated CJC temperature compensation sensor
Transmille 3200 Soft Case
Carrying case for 3200B electrical test equipment calibrator
Transmille RACKCASE Rack Mount Case
19in rack mount case with rack mount ears
Transmille PAT Flash Adapter
PAT Flash Test Adapter (to 3 kV) for the 3200 Series
Transmille 3000 Transit Case
Rugged, hard carrying case for 3010, 3041, and 3050 multi-product calibrators