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  • Wide range of inputs
    • 30A current input
    • No need for external shunts
  • AC/DCV, AC/DCI & frequency
  • 1Ω - 1GΩ resistance
  • Selectable voltage measurement from 10 to 300V
  • Electrometer, thermocouple, PRT & ratio functions
  • USB, GPIB (IEEE 488), RS232 & Ethernet interfaces
  • Standard deviation, number of samples, rolling average
  • Optional UKAS calibration certificate
  • Optional pressure module adapter interface
  • Upload & offload data via USB
  • 7.2in high resolution color LED screen
  • 1-year warranty

What's in the Box

  • Basic test lead set
  • Localized mains lead
  • USB lead
  • Manual


The Transmille 8100 Series multimeter is designed for applications that require a wide range of measurement parameters with specifications as low as 4ppm. Its full color screen shows a clear display of measurements and menus, including a dynamic display of accuracy and measurement uncertainty.

The 8100 Series is fitted with low thermal beryllium copper terminals, enabling connection with 4mm banana jacks, spades, and bare wire without the need for additional adapters. Active terminal indicators give a clear confirmation of active terminals to simplify connections. High input impedance on AC voltage up to 10V reduces errors when measuring current through use of current shunts ensuring reliable measurements across multiple functions.

Model 8104 features programmable front and rear terminals with ratio functionality, and an electrometer input for currents ranges down to 10nA. It also features a dedicated low noise electrometer input, thermocouple, PRT, and ratio functions. Both models are eligible for a UKAS calibration certificate and pressure module adapter interface.