• EA015
  • Usually ships in 2-3 weeks



  • Adapter functionality includes:
    • 2/10/50 Turn clamp coil
    • Insulation resistance
    • Continuity resistance
    • Continuity current measurement
    • Optical tachometer calibration
    • Thermocouple simulation
    • Voltage measurement: 3 ranges
    • Current measurement to 30 mA
    • Calibrator output routing


The Transmille EA015 multifunction workstation provides a central work area with all connections routed conveniently to remote terminals mounted at the front of the adapter. Incorporating the advanced clamp coil, thermocouple simulation and tachometer calibration adapters as well as process control source/measure capabilities, this workstation adapter provides a versatile platform for efficient calibration of a wide range of equipment.

Clamp meters can be calibrated quickly using the built in 2, 10 and 50 turn coils. Three coils in one provide the ability to calibrate a wide range of coils, from small lower clamps down to 10mm jaw diameter to larger 1500 A clamps.

Dedicated terminals provide insulation to 2 GOhms @ 1000 V and continuity to 1 kOhm to calibrate insulation testers. Insulation test voltage measurement to 1000 V and continuity current measurement is also possible with the workstation adapter interface.

The Transmille EA015 workstation integrates all the functions required to both source and measure the required signals to calibrate process control calibrators. Digital thermometers can be easily calibrated accurately using the workstations built in thermocouple simulation output with automatic cold junction compensation. Optical tachometers can be calibrated using a high intensity LED light source by typing in the RPM value or using the ProCal software for automated calibration.