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Transmille ProCal-Track software provides the tools for instrument management from arrival to dispatch, including external calibration work, laboratory equipment and stock/demo instruments. Users can open a virtual job card from any PC to view current or historical data. The use of digital photos can be implemented to aid user recognition. Instrument recall letters can also be issued on a regular basis.

The Transmille ProCal-Track software has retained the familiar format of paper "job cards" and created electronic, centrally store records. The great advantage of the computerised job record is that it is available to anyone, anywhere and at anytime for the life of the instrument even after it has been returned to the customer.

The Transmille ProCal-Track software has the ability to print out a range of forms, reports and labels with barcodes using the DYMO range of thermal printers. Instruments and accessories can be recorded and barcode labelled ensuring the items the instrument was received with are returned.

Support for viewing/printing Crystal Reports is built in as standard. Using the Crystal Reports designer other reports can be custom designed and used as well. The computerised record keeping of ProCal-Track and the advanced reporting functions, including many specific features (for example the 'quarantine' status, reverse traceability report) fulfill the requirements of quality systems such as ISO 17025.

Discounts are available for additional licenses. Please contact us for details.