Transmille EA001A Thermocouple Simulation Adapter



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  • Direct simulation of 8 thermocoupe types
  • Simulates any T/C type using Virtual Front Panel Software
  • EN60584-1(1996): Scale ITS90 temperature standard
  • Uses neutral (copper) thermocouple plug
  • CJC sensor built into thermocouple plug

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Transmille 1000 Series Multifunction Calibrator
Ultra-portable multi-product calibrator featuring 80ppm accuracy with the functionality of calibrators twice the size
Transmille 3010/3041 Multi-Product Calibrator
Precision, multiproduct calibrator with up to 8 ppm accuracy

Temperature gradients / thermal EMFs which can be introduced by internally mounted thermocouple simulation methods are one of the greatest sources of error with thermocouple temperature calibration. For the ultimate in accuracy, Transmille has designed a dedicated external unit. This keeps the electronics required to generate the low level signals used for thermocouple simulation as close as possible to the measuring input of the thermometer. This allows the signal to be as free from electrical noise as possible, and also eliminates errors caused by heat generated by surrounding electronics in the calibrator.