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  • Measure output voltage to 100 V
  • Active current load to 60 A
  • Measures output resistance
  • Controlled by ProCal or Virtual Front Panel software (included)

This product is an accessory for the following products:

Transmille 3010/3041 Multi-Product Calibrator
Precision, multiproduct calibrator with up to 8 ppm accuracy
Transmille 4000 Series Multi Function Calibrator
Designed for laboratories, manufacturers & design facilities requiring a wide range of outputs with accuracies

The Transmille EA3025 provides an easy to use solution for the calibration of high current power supplies. This adapter overcomes many of the problems associated with measuring higher output currents.

Traditional techniques of using high current low value load resistors and current shunts can result in unstable/inaccurate readings even with small voltage fluctuations from the power supply or variations in connection and lead resistance. The manual nature of this calibration method is time consuming and prone to accidental damaage of the load resistor and measurement equipment.

The Transmille EA3025 60 A power supply calibration adapter has three distinct advantages over other calibration methods.

  • Provides an accurate, stable electronic current load regardless of the power supply output voltage and lead/connection resistances.
  • Removes the need for high power load resistors of appropriate values.
  • Allows automation for more efficient calibration.