• IS Power Supply to transmitter
  • 4-20mA / HART input
  • Isolated 4-20mA output
  • Five Control relays
  • Multi-function back lit display
  • NEMA4X or IP65 enclosure for wall or panel mount
  • Pre-programmed linearization - volume and open channel flow

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The Rosemount 3490 universal control units provide comprehensive control functionality for any 4-20mA or HART compatible transmitter. Wall or panel mounted in a non-hazardous area, the 3490 provides a protected (IS) 24V dc power supply to a transmitter that may be installed in a hazardous area. A back-lit display gives clear visual indication of the measured value and status of all inputs and outputs

The Rosemount 3490 universal control unit is configured using an integral 6 button keypad and an easy to navigate menu structure. Many popular configurations are "Wizard assisted", enabling fast and accurate programming. The HART digital or 4-20mA analog signal from the transmitter may be offset, dampened, scaled, and linearized as required. A range of pre-programmed tank shapes, flow algorithms and pump control routines simplify configuration. Typical measurements include level, volume and distance measurement, as well as open channel flow measurement in wide range of flumes and weirs. The 4-20mA output signal may also be scaled to re-transmit all or just part of the input signal or calculated value. Five relays are provided and are fully field programmable to perform a wide variety of control, fault indication or alarm duties.

The Rosemount 3490 universal control unit is available in three configurations. The 3491 is the standard control unit. The 3492 also accepts input from two transmitters and performs sum or differential calculations, providing a single current output proportional to the answer. The 3493 also provides on-board logging of PV and totalized flow values in flow measurement applications.