• 24-240V AC/DC power supply
  • FMCW, 10 GHz free propagating radar measurement principal
  • ±0.2 inch accuracy
  • 4-20mA HART communication FOUNDATION Fieldbus output
  • Ex-Approvals:ATEX Flameproof, CSA Explosionproof, FM:Explosionproof, IECEx:Flameproof
  • NEMA 4, IP66, IP67 ingress protection
  • Molded cast aluminum enclosure with dual compartments


The 4-wire Rosemount 5600 Series radar level transmitter has a high performance non-contacting microprocessor that allows for advanced signal processing and smart echo-tracking features. Together with its high sensitivity the radar transmitter can detect and evaluate all echoes within the tank or vessel. The Rosemount 5600 Series radar level transmitter supports and assists the user to a successful configuration in process level applications from easy to complex process situations.

The Rosemount 5600 Series radar level transmitter uses state-of-the art microwave technology to get highest reliability and precision. It measures the level of liquids, slurries, and solids. The Rosemount 5600 Series radar level transmitter operates in a wide range of temperatures, pressures, vapor gas mixtures, and various process conditions.

A Rosemount 5600 Series radar level transmitter consists of a transmitter head and a tank connection including antenna. The transmitter head and the electronics inside are interchangeable without opening the tank. Antennas are available in four models. The rod antenna is suitable for tanks with small openings. An existing tank flange can be used as the tank connection. The cone antenna is suitable for free-propagation and pipe mounted installation. Cone extensions are available and optional cone antennas with a cleaning / flushing connection are available. The process seal antenna only exposes material suitable for hygienic or corrosive applications. The dish of the process seal is made of PTFE. The parabolic antenna is suitable for solid materials, can withstand heavy contamination, and can be equipped with a PTFE protective cover to reduce the effects of dusty environments.

Cone and rod antennas, except the cone with flushing connection, are designed with a protective plate. The plate and antenna (stainless steel or optional material) together with the tank seal and o-rings (PTFE or Quartz) are the wetted parts exposed to the tank atmosphere. This allows the use of an existing flange, or a lower cost flange alternative. Loose flanges are available.

The Rosemount 5600 Series radar level transmitter has a power supply with an ultra-wide input range from 24 to 240V AC or DC, 0-60 Hz. The transmitter head has two separate junction boxes. One is for a non-intrinsically safe primary signal output and power supply cables. The other is normally used for intrinsically safe (IS) HART / analog outputs or optionally for a non-IS secondary analog output. Primary outputs can be HART or FOUNDATION fieldbus, either IS or non-IS. The HART and secondary analog outputs can be either active or passive depending on required options.