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  • Intrinsically safe when used in conjunction with certified electronics or zener barriers
  • Superior sensitivity, response speed and calibration stability
  • Calibration -80 to 20°C dew/frost pt w/data to -110°C
  • Optional temperature sensor
  • Calibrations traceable to NIST
  • Designed for in situ applications or in conjunction with sample conditioning systems
  • True absolute humidity sensor
  • Wide dynamic range

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The Panametrics, formerly General Eastern, M Series Moisture Probe sets the standard of performance and value in industrial moisture measurement. Compatible with all moisture analyzers from Panametrics Infrastructure Sensing, the M series probe combines ease of use, a wide measurement range, and rigorous calibration standards to make them the preferred choice for industrial moisture measurement worldwide.

The M series Probe is designed to directly measure water vapor pressure in both gases and liquids. The sensor consists of a porous aluminum oxide layer over which a very thin coating of gold is evaporated. The aluminum base and the gold layer form the two electrodes of what is essentially an aluminum oxide capacitor. Water vapor is rapidly transported through the gold layer and equilibrates on the pore walls of the oxide layer. The number of water molecules absorbed on the oxide structure determines the conductivity of the pore walls. Each value of pore wall resistance provides a distinct value of electrical impedance, which in turn is functionally related to the water vapor pressure. This functional relationship holds for measurements made in either gas phase or liquid phase.

Each M series Probe is individually calibrated to the highest standards and is traceable to NIST. The aluminum oxide is precisely layered to a thickness that causes the sensor to exhibit true absolute humidity (rather than relative humidity) response while minimizing any temperature or hysteresis effects. This critical film thickness also gives the probe quick response and exceptional calibration stability.

Applications for the M Series Probes include:

  • Petrochemical
  • Natural gas
  • Industrial gas
  • Semiconductor
  • Furnace gas/heat treating
  • Power generation
  • Air dryer
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aerospace

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