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  • Rack, bench, panel (1/8 DIN), and wall mount configurations
  • NEMA 4 weatherproof membrane front display/keypad
  • M Series or IQ.probe moisture probe compatible
  • Displays moisture content in dew/frost point and ppmv
  • Built-in isolated current or voltage analog output (switch selectable)
  • One fail-safe fault alarm relay
  • Two Form C measurement alarm relays
  • Operating temp: -4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
  • Datalogger using MicroSD card, 2 GB card included
  • Universal power 100-240 VAC @ 50-60 Hz, or 24 VDC nominal
  • Standard dew point range: -112 to 68°F (-80 to 20°C) with data to -166°F (-110°C)
  • Accuracy:
    • ±2°C (3.6°F) from -85 to 50°F (-65° to 10°C)
    • ±3°C (5.4°F) from -112 to -87°F (-80° to –66°C)

The Panametrics dew.IQ Trace Moisture Analyzer is an economical, single channel, aluminum oxide hygrometer in the IQ Series line of analyzers. It is intended for industrial applications requiring accurate, real-time moisture measurement.

Installing the dew.IQ is highly intuitive. As a field upgrade for its predecessors, the Panametrics MMS35, System 580, Model 600 and 700 or even earlier models, the M Series probe and cable mate to the dew.IQ in minutes, minimizing installation costs. For new installations, the IQ.probe stores its calibration digitally, eliminating the need for shielded cable.

The microprocessor-based dew.IQ accurately tracks fast-changing process conditions, and displays the moisture content as dew/frost point temperature in °F or °C or as ppmv with a constant pressure input on an LCD. The measurement is also available as an analog output. The dew.IQ features built-in isolation to ensure the integrity of signals to remote devices. The meter also features two Form C alarm relays for high and low moisture limits. The large display and six-button keypad combine to make selection of analog output zero and span, alarm set-points fast and easy, and entry of calibration data simple.

Designed for installation in industrial settings, it is used in conjunction with IQ.probe and M Series moisture probes for industries including:

  • Industrial gas
  • Furnace gas/heat treating
  • Power generation
  • Air dryer
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Aerospace


Panametrics M Series Moisture Probe
Aluminum oxide moisture probe for use with all Panametrics Infrastructure Sensing moisture analyzers
In Stock
Panametrics IQ.probe Aluminum Oxide Moisture Probe
Measures moisture concentration in gases from trace to ambient levels


Panametrics Cables and Connnectors
2 or 10 meter cable with M8 connector for Panametrics IQ.probe
In Stock
Panametrics ALOX Probe Cable
For aluminum oxide trace moisture probes
In Stock


Please consider these optional accessories.

Panametrics 705-1297-00 Panel Mount Adapter Assembly
Adapter to fit MTS6/Dew.IQ into MTS5 panel cut-out
In Stock
Panametrics Moisture Probe Calibration Service
Trace moisture sensor recalibrations for M2, TF, MISP2, HYGRORTE, IQPROBE, and VERIDRI probes
In Stock
Panametrics 750-039 Sample Cell
2830 sample cell for use with 3/4-16 straight UNF threaded trace moisture sensors in general purpose or intrinsically safe installations

Get everything you need in a kit:

Panametrics air.IQ Moisture Analyzer Kit
Complete package for moisture measurement in safe environment inert gas applications with gas pressure up to 200 psig
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Panel mount configuration
Power and Power Cord Options
100 to 240 VAC, no power cord supplied
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