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MTL TP48 Surge Protectors
Safeguards electronic process transmitters against induced surges and transients from field cabling
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MTL ZoneMaster Surge Protectors
Ultimate mains power protection solution is available with either a 200 or 170kA surge handling capability
MTL SD Series Surge Protectors
Combines features to make it the ultimate surge protection solution for process equipment, I/O systems and communications networks
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MTL MA15 Surge Protectors
Protects electronic equipment and computer networks against the effects of 'noise pollution' induced in mains power supplies
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MTL IOP Surge Protectors
Offers a high packing density, high protection level and low price making it a valuable solution for protecting digital or analog I/O
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MTL FP32 Surge Protectors
DIN-rail mounted, 20kA surge protection for fieldbus systems
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MTL ZoneDefender PRO Surge Protectors
High performance, high capacity surge protection designed for use in a wide variety of industrial, institutional and commercial applications
MTL TP32 Surge Protectors
Specifically designed surge protection for process transmitters and devices on Fieldbus systems
MTL SSP Surge Protectors
Self-healing surge protector adds AC fault withstand capability and current limiting protection to traditional hybrid surge technology
MTL ZoneBarrier NC Surge Protectors
Uniquely modular communication line interface protection system for IT networks and industrial communication systems
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MTL ZoneMaster Pro Surge Protectors
Combines all the advantages of all mode protection with features and options to meet the needs of the most complex protection requirements
MTL TP-AC Surge Protectors
Provides easy-to-mount protection for AC powered, field -mounted transmitters
MTL MA05/10 Surge Protectors
Can be incorporated into individual items of electrical equipment providing immediate local protection against surges and electrical noise
MTL LS Surge Protectors
Versatile high performance surge and transient protection for LED lighting systems and drivers
MTL FS32 Surge Protector
Prevents surges and transient over-voltages conducted along the Trunk or Spurs of fieldbus systems from damaging electronics
MTL SLP Surge Protectors
Multi-stage hybrid devices offer cost effective surge protection for digital and analog I/O
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MTL TP-Pipe Surge Protectors
Screws into spare conduit entry on field-mounted process transmitters providing surge protection where it matters, right at the unit
MTL RackPro Surge Protectors
Twelve outlet rack mounted surge protector that provides superior surge protection in a compact 1U enclosure
Define Instruments OVP-100 Overvoltage Protector
Uses gas discharge tubes and transient voltage suppressors to protect instrumentation against power surges
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MTL MA3100 Surge Protectors
Cost effective, Class II surge protection designed to cope with secondary currents as described in IEC 61312
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MTL TP24/7 Surge Protectors
Provides a far greater level of protection for field-mounted transmitters then is available from the transmitter manufacturers
MTL MA30 Surge Protectors
Protects electronic equipment power supplies and computer networks against the effects of 'noise pollution' induced in mains power supplies
MTL ZoneSentinel Surge Protectors
High capacity surge protection to 100kA per phase for applications at distribution boards and small service locations
MTL WWIP-N Surge Protector
High-power surge protection specially designed for the water/wastewater industry with the whole unit encased in corrosion resistant housing
MTL LC30 Surge Protectors
Protects load cell and weighing systems from malfunctions or damage caused by severe overvoltages or impulse currents on signal cabling
MTL ZoneBarrier T Surge Protectors
Provides an effective barrier between uncontrolled transient environments and your valuable telecommunications equipment
MTL mSA Surge Protectors
Prevents surges and transient over-voltages conducted through data and signal cabling from causing damage to electronic systems
MTL ZoneBarrier DS Surge Protectors
Uniquely customer configurable surge protectors can be utilized as stand-alone devices or to create an unlimited multi-port protection system
MTL MA4000 Surge Protectors
20kA rated, single phase devices provide protection for ac or dc power supplies with no restriction to the amount of load current
MTL ZoneMaster All-Mode Surge Protectors
The ultimate power protection solution combines unparalleled power handling capability, application versatility, proven circuitry along with simple installation
MTL DB200 Surge Protectors
Lightning surge protection for modems and telemetry equipment connected to public switched telephone networks