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  • Protects fax, modems, telemetry and other telecom equipment
  • BT and RJ11 style plug and socket
  • Robust — 10kA surge capability
  • Full 4-wire protection
  • Immune to power crossing
  • RFI version available for noisy environments
  • 10 Year product warranty


The MTL DP200 series is designed for lightning surge protection for modems and telemetry equipment connected to public switched telephone networks. A single lightning strike can easily damage or destroy unprotected equipment and lead to expensive and disruptive system downtime. The DP200 provides robust, 10kA, plug-in protection for fax, modem, telemetry and other telecom applications. These devices suppress interference due to medium wave radio transmissions, and other sources, which can compromise normal telecom operation.

Hybrid surge protection circuitry is utilized within the DP200 to provide the best protection devices currently available. Should mains voltages be applied to the telecom line, for example by falling cables, the DP200's power crossing immunity prevents damage to both the telecom equipment and the protection device. These self-contained units have been specifically designed for use on Public Switched Telecom Networks (PSTN) offering full 4-wire protection.

DP200 devices are easy to install. Simply loosen the lid retaining screw, remove the lid and screw to a wall or panel. The unit should be earthed with 2.5mm² cable. This cable is screwed into the unit's earth terminal and the other end is connected to the earth of the protected equipment. Units are available with either a BT or RJ11 style plug and socket. RFI filtering is also available for applications which require it.