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  • Enhanced redundancy built into each module
  • Easy to read status indication
  • Remote indication and module diagnostic
  • Thermal and short circuit fusing
  • Low let-through performance with high current impulses
  • 100k AIC short circuit current rating
  • Replaceable bolt-in modules
  • Large block MOV technology
  • UL 1449 3rd Edition
  • 15 year product warranty


The MTL ZoneMaster surge protectors are the ultimate mains power protection solution. The ZoneMaster is available with either a 200 or 170kA surge handling capability and combines unparalleled power handling capability, application versatility, proven circuitry along with simple installation. With configurations suitable for all International supply voltages, ZoneMaster is truly a versatile and flexible protection range.

ZoneMaster devices are modular in construction. Individual modules are bolted to a large surge return plate to minimize transient impedance. These color coded, replaceable modules, with a UL 94-5V rated plastic casing are supplied mounted within a durable IP66 rated enclosure. ZoneMaster units are easy to install via simple wall mounting, although flush mounting is also an option.

Large block, 3 terminal Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) protection technology is utilized within the ZoneMaster range. The dual protection circuits of ZoneMaster 150 devices provide full redundancy ensuring the site is never unprotected. All ZoneMaster units also include thermal and short circuit fusing for additional safety.

Status indication is supplied as standard, normally open/ normally closed contacts change state to indicate a fault. An optional remote monitoring unit is also available providing audio and visual indication of protector status, along with features such as a test switch for checking the monitoring circuitry and an audio alarm silence switch.

The optional mains power filter has a noise attenuation of 75dB at 100KHz- 100MHz and will attenuate 6kV transients down to just 200V. This mains power filter is UL 1283 Listed and all ZoneMaster devices have UL 1449 Listing for added peace of mind.