• Protects LED lighting systems and drivers
  • Space-saving footprint for mounting in confined locations
  • Protects 120V-347V and 480V systems
  • High performance to size ratio
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Models for both series and parallel connection
  • UL1449 3rd edition type 4CA recognized component
  • IP66 protection allows for installation in extreme environments
  • Unique hybrid technology
  • No external fusing required
  • 10 year product warranty


The MTL LS series of surge protection devices are versatile high performance surge and transient protection designed for LED lighting systems and drivers though they are equally useful within a wide variety of equipment in industrial and commercial applications. The circuitry will protect equipment from damaging electrical transients and disturbances.

The MTL LS series provides a high performance-to-size ratio by utilizing a hybrid of Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) alongside high energy gas discharge tube (GDT) technologies, together with a state-of-the-art failure disconnect network giving added peace of mind. Fully automatic in operation, the LS range reacts immediately, clamping voltage surges without causing undue leakage losses under normal operation. No operator intervention is required, the LS range resets automatically and are maintenance-free. The space-saving footprint allows the LS range to be mounted in confined locations while providing protection the Line/Neutral, Line/Ground, and Neutral/Ground modes.

The LS range has in-built overcurrent protection and therefore no additional external fusing is required. The two voltage models can handle operating voltages up to 480v, which reduces your inventory and cost. High maximum operating voltage ranges allows the LS range to endure large over-voltage swings that damage most other SPDs. Low limiting voltage even at high surge current levels, provides optimal protection and ensures longevity of the LED drivers.

Parallel and Series versions of the LS are available. The series connected devices automatically disconnect power to the load under fault conditions while the parallel connected devices disconnect themselves from the load under fault conditions leaving power to the load.

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