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  • Combines high quality filtering with 'ring' suppression
  • Three different packages available, Wall/floor mounted (I) DIN-rail mounted (D) Standard filter case (SC)
  • Added thermal fuse protection
  • Unique design for EMC compliance exceeding IEC61000-4-5, level 4
  • Maximum surge current: 6.5kA (8/20μs)
  • 10 Year Warranty


The MTL MA05/10 surge protectors can be incorporated into, or mounted close to, individual items of electrical equipment, providing immediate local protection against surges and electrical noise. Available with either a 5 or 10 amp operating current, 110 or 240V working voltage and in a range of mounting options, the MA05/10 is a truly versatile range of protection devices. In addition, these unique units combine RFI filtering and ring suppression therefore aiding compliance with EMC directives.

The MA05 and MA10 devices operate in both signal directions and therefore reduce both electro-magnetic emissions and the susceptibility of the associated equipment to emissions from other sources. Thermal fusing is also incorporated into each device as an additional safety feature.

With a unique ‘three-stage' combination of protection elements, MA05/10 units suppress conducted RFI and voltage surges. The circuit elements are; first, surge clipping components to absorb transient surges that may otherwise damage equipment; second, a filter to suppress noise in the system; and third, ‘ring' suppression. The third of these prevents surges causing the filter to ‘ring' (oscillate) under low load conditions – an effect that actually accentuates interference in most commercially available filters.

The MTL MA05/10 is available with alternative housing versions. The "SC" model is housed in standard filter cans with connections via safety-shrouded spade terminations. The "I" model is designed for wall or floor mounting. The "D" model mounts to standard Top-hat DIN-rail.