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  • 15 or 20 amp versions
  • 6 front and 6 rear outlets on 15A version
  • 2 front and 10 rear outlets on 20A version
  • Rear outlets on back rotated for large power packs
  • All outlets are switched
  • LED indicators
  • Resettable circuit breaker
  • EMI/RFI filtering
  • UL 1449 Recognized Component
  • Lifetime warranty


The MTL RackPro is a twelve outlet rack mounted surge protector that provides superior surge protection in a compact 1U enclosure. The RackPro Series is constructed with an all steel case and designed with competitive specifications to cover all rack mount surge needs.

Equipped with status indicator lights, the RackPro continually monitors making sure that the suppressor is protecting the equipment. The amber LED indicator assures that the power is being distributed to the outlets, the green LED indicates a ground is present and the red LED indicates surge protection is present. These lights provide peace of mind for all equipment plugged into the RackPro.


Complete facility/site protection can be achieved by using our wide range of AC and DC power surge protection devices to prevent surges entering equipment via their power supply. The MTL ZoneMaster range of protectors combine a high level of protection and when used in conjunction with the MTL ZoneBarrier data protection modules, provide the highest level of protection available.

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